Saturday, March 31, 2012

Senakulo 101

At first, Senakulo was a tradition here in the Philippines that tells the story of Jesus Christ before and after he was crucified in the cross. It was a kind of drama or a play that is usually played in the provinces during the time of Holy Week. Foreigners and even our kapwa Filipinos were also amazed how the senakulo was played by different actors. Whether they were professional or amateur, the actors were playing good as far as I noticed before. I watched senakulos in our provinces during the Holy Week. Every year was different, it was beautiful, well prepared as I may see it. From the stage productions, to the costumes, the scripts and even the characters were pretty amazing! 

Scenarios during senakulo:

I heard that senakulos will be also presented here in Metro Manila, and, in malls. 
That will be exciting for me. And a little imaginable. That will be a great idea especially for the kids in the younger ages. They will know what will happen to the history of Jesus before he was crucified in the cross for us. 

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